Illustrated image of the GingerAF title card

Branding & Identity

GingerAF is a collaborative branding and identity project by Robyne Pomroy and Ash Walker responding to a newly developed and delicious organic ginger pale ale brewed by Patrick Scherer at Hive Brewery.  

The 2018 AIGA Charlotte and NoDa Brewing’s Beer and Branding Competition, challenged independent brewers and designers to come together to create their best work in response to a secret ingredient, ginger.

Taking inspiration from the exceptional brew produced by Hive Brewery, the GingerAF brand identity system pays homage to the key natural ingredients: ginger, lime, honey, sage, and Monetuka hops.


  • Labels and can mockups (digital)
  • Printed can prototypes/physical mockups for table display
  • Cardboard can holders with branding
  • Branded magnets
  • Branded wooden coasters
  • Branded etched beer glasses
  • Branded stack and topple game laser etched with icebreaker prompts
Addy's award logo
An illustrated product labelA photo of the competition display
A photo of someone playing with the branded stack and topple game

GingerAF’s tagline is “STACKED with flavor.”

With that in mind, we developed all deliverables to be stackable. From the Tall Tales branded stack and topple game, to the beer cans, and glasses, every component drives the idea of stacking.

Installation components

Going beyond static display of statistics in posters and fliers, it was important to make this a physical interactive piece to communicate the challenges individuals, families, and communities are forced to overcome for a chance at generating wealth. People remember better when touch and play is involved. This installation invited the audience to turn knobs, select and insert cards, and flip switches while learning at every step how various barriers restrict media that represented wealth potential.

An illustration describing the GingerAF branding
A mocked up image of the label on the can3 cans mocked up with the label design

Some Process Work

A photo of the process painting the label artworkA photo of the hand lettering process

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